Why us

Value Added Approach

Our team of investment professionals have a proven track record of successfully helping businesses overcome the challenges typically experienced during the high-growth phase. The success of our portfolio companies is closely aligned with our own success. As investors our focus, along with the entrepreneur, is on two common objectives - to maximize business success and long-term wealth creation.

We also have the ability to be a conduit to new business opportunities. For example, Fidelity as an institution has staked its competitive advantage on being an early adopter of technology. This is demonstrated by the thousands of information and systems experts employed and the billions of dollars spent each year on maintaining and enhancing information and systems technology by Fidelity.

It is not uncommon for us to identify meaningful synergies that result in business opportunities that go beyond the typical investor-partner relationship. Through our introductions, Fidelity and its entities gain strategic value via exposure to new ideas and innovative solutions, while our portfolio companies gain critical insights, the potential to land new customers or exposure to a robust and diverse distribution channel.



Access To A Powerful Network

Whether you would benefit from new product ideas, strategic discussions on transformational growth, product positioning, channel or distribution support, our funding relationship with Fidelity and its broader group of companies allows us to access a vast global network of expertise and contacts to deliver a depth of resources that is unique in the world of private equity.

In addition, we are part of a larger private equity platform including Fidelity Growth Partners Europe, Fidelity Growth Partners Asia and Fidelity Biosciences. Through our close relationship with them and their portfolio companies, we can provide companies with an unparalleled range of expertise, insight and financing as they transition from one stage of funding to the next. We can also provide unique access to a broad network of contacts.

We believe that for many companies in India there exists a global opportunity, and therefore an investment partner with true global reach is paramount. With offices of advisors, investors and managers globally including cities like Mumbai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Boston and London we are uniquely qualified to help companies expand internationally.



Patient Capital

We are an international fund that invests Fidelity’s own capital, which permits us to be more flexible with our capital and adopt a longer–term view than most private equity funds. We are not under pressure to exit early according to any fund–raising and exit cycle, which means we have the flexibility required to maximize returns for all stakeholders. We believe that having a more patient and long-term view is critical to successful private equity investing, especially in India.

Additionally, because of our committed capital structure, we do not need to do fund–raising. All our time and attention is spent instead on investing in and working with our portfolio companies.



Stellar track record of investing globally

We have over 40 years of experience investing in private businesses and building world-class companies.

Since 1969, Fidelity has been among the top-tier venture capital investors in North America and Europe, investing over US$ 500 million at an early stage in some of the world’s most successful telecommunications technology companies, including MCI, Rolm, Nexabit, and ONi. Today Fidelity Growth Partners Europe (www.fidelitygrowthpartners.eu) continues that mission with a focus on investing in early stage & growth equity companies in Europe.

Based in Boston, Fidelity Biosciences (www.fidelitybiosciences.com) focuses on new opportunities in the biotechnology and life sciences areas.

In Asia, the Fidelity Growth Partners Asia (www.fidelityasiaventures.com) team has been investing in private companies over the past 11 years. Notable successful investments include: Alibaba, AsiaInfo, Hurray, Pharmanex and Wuxi Pharmatech. Our investment track record is one of the most successful in the industry, and our reputation and relationships among leading entrepreneurs in Greater China are second to none.